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Bhutan definitely tops the must visit bucket list for all motorcycling and travelling enthusiasts. Exploring the traditions, cultural diversity and the simplicity of living in Bhutan riding on a motorcycle is must do for all adrenaline riders and biking aficionado. Being able to take your motorcycle and ride along mountain passes and quaint towns absorbing the tranquility and happiness will surely invoke a sense of serenity within. Bhutan as a biking destination has great treasure in its store waiting to be explored. Our winding mountainous roads rising as high above, alongside clouds and steep rides down allows riders to fulfill their desire for extreme adventure.

You will be forced to leave a piece of your heart back at the narrow roads with remote green mountainous vegetation, places of spiritual reverence perched on perilous cliffs and picturesque villages with welcoming local folks. Bhutan is at the cusp of modernism but we have strived hard to maintain our sovereignty and individualism along with our age old customs, traditions and always greet newcomers as one of our own. At every turn you take on your bike an un-miscible adventure awaits to be explored and appreciated.

Kinght Motors

P.O. Box: 1507, Block # 9B, Changlam
Chubachu, Thimphu, Kingdom of Bhutan
Mobile: +975 1711 1808
Tel: +975 02 339138, Fax: +975 02 324023
Email: bhutanknightmotors@gmail.com

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