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Cultural Tour

Cultural experience of Bhutan makes up for an exotic experienceand Cultural tours to Bhutan provides you the perfect escapade from the usual hustle and bustle of big city life. Bhutan prides itself on its rich culture and tradition and the…

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Adventure Tour

Locals believe that deities reside in the mountains and out of reverence and also of fear of natural calamities if these deities are disturbed, mountaineering is strictly forbidden. However, you get to witness various adventure avenues in Bhutan. One can…

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Botanical Tour

Many tourists visit Bhutan to explore the rich bio-diversity of Bhutan or to simply see a piece of the pristine land. The tiny Himalayan nation has a very high biological bio-diversity with 616 bird species recorded till date (despite limited…

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Butterfly Tour

This is one of the newer tours and delves mainly into exploring the wide range of butterflies found in Bhutan. Ludlow Swallowtail which was thought to be extinct was recently re-discovered and made the national butterfly of Bhutan. There are…

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Festival Tour

Festivals are an integral part of Bhutanese culture and a means of passing down ancient beliefs and lessons to the people. The most important festival of Bhutan is known as Tshechu which means tenth day. These festivals are celebrated throughout…

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Floral Tour

Bhutan in ancient times was also known as Lho Jong Men Jong which translates as the Southern land of medicinal herbs. This was mainly because Bhutan is home to more than 500 species of medicinal plants. Bhutan’s vast expanse of…

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Trekking Tour

Trekking after the cultural tours brings in most tourist to Bhutan. Trekking in Bhutan range from an easy 3 days trek to a month long snowman trek which involves crossing 12 high mountain passes and is considered as one of…

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Spiritual Tour

The country is dotted with sacred monasteries, pilgrimage sites and retreat centers which is frequented the year round by renowned religious or spiritual leaders. Spiritual tours to Bhutan can be arranged keeping in with your needs or coinciding with the…

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