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Rich Culture and Tradition

Bhutan until recently has been one of the best kept secrets of the world. It is indeed a route less travelled. Once it decided to come out of its self imposed isolation in 1960, Bhutan has witnessed tremendous growth but…

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Natural Wealth in Abundance

Then there is the unrivaled raw natural beauty and wealth that Bhutan is endowed with. Traveling through this tiny himalayan kingdom can rejuvenate even the most jaded spirit. The landscapealways breathtaking, is sometimes serene and often majestic, but there’s also…

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Adventure Avenues

Bhutan is a superstitious country which sees myths and legends accepted as reality. Mountains are revered as guardian deities and mountaineering is not allowed. Therefore, Bhutan houses the highest unclimbed mountains in the world. However, for the outdoor enthusiasts Bhutan…

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The greatest factor which makes Bhutan a must visit country would be its people who are courteous, happy, fun loving, friendly and make for great hosts. Bhutanese are proud yet quick to offer help even to strangers and considers humility…

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The Kingdom of Bhutan is a photographers paradise. Be it the stunning landscape, towering mountains, fluttering prayer flags, carefree and playful children, unkempt natural growths, clear blue skies, white clouds, majestic fortresses or simply the generous smile you are greeted…

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