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Taksang (Tiger Nest)Cultural experience of Bhutan makes up for an exotic experienceand Cultural tours to Bhutan provides you the perfect escapade from the usual hustle and bustle of big city life. Bhutan prides itself on its rich culture and tradition and the government and the people strives towards preserving and promoting it.

Unique Cultural attractions of Bhutan remain key to Bhutan Tourism and makes up for the maximum number of visitors. Visitors can experience the centuries old culture intertwined with the lives of the Bhutanese today. The way Bhutanese talk and make you feel at ease the moment you make an acquaintance, the way they treat you as one of their own, the respect and the love you receive, are but just a few examples of the unique Bhutanese traits that run in each and every Bhutanese. These experiences usually make an everlasting impression on the visitors such that they create a permanent connection with the country and the people. There are million smiles to find which will make your heart smile too.

Bhutan also provides other off-the-track experiences. Don’t be alarmed at the sight of wooden phallus or phalluses adorning the wall of the houses — it is to ward negative energy and evil spirits. Such unique beliefs clubbed with the Bhutanese way of life which draws is values from deep rooted Buddhist values, makes for an interesting exploration.

Our Cultural Tours to Bhutan ranges from 3 nights and 4 days package tour to 10 nights and 11 days package tour taking you on a cruise into Western, Central and Eastern Bhutan. Then there are other tour packages like the Royal Cruise taking you to places which were significant in terms of shaping Bhutan’s history and enabling the introduction of monarchy in Bhutan or Crusin’ on the trails of the important Saint Drukpa Kuenley also known as the Devine Madman.

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