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Festival TourFestivals are an integral part of Bhutanese culture and a means of passing down ancient beliefs and lessons to the people. The most important festival of Bhutan is known as Tshechu which means tenth day. These festivals are celebrated throughout the country on the 10th day of varying months of the Lunar calendar. The common factor of the Tshechus is the reverence and paying homage to Guru Rinpoche who is considered as the second Buddha in Bhutan. The mask dances and other dance routines mostly portray the life and important happening in the life of Guru and is seen as a way of re-visiting and teaching important life lessons. Depending on the region, other mask dances and routines can also be witnessed. These routines mostly showcases the ancient worship of deities or other revered buddhist teachers. Another integral figure in these festivals are the Atsaras or the jesters.

Local dressed in their finest attires flock to these events as it is believed to shower blessings apart from teaching important values.

The number of tourists to these occasions is also on a steady increase. Since the Tshechus of Bhutan follow the lunar calendar, the dates on the roman counterpart differs from year to year.

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