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Haa ValleyHaa valley lies at an altitude of 2863 m and is surrounded by three mountains known as the Meri Puensum or three brothers. The three mountains symbolizing Jampelyang (Majushri), Chana Dorje (Vajrapani) and Chenrizi (Avaloketeshvara) are revered as the guardian deities protecting the valley. The Haa Dzong is the only Dzong in Bhutan which is used by Indian military training team (IMTRAT) as its administrative office.

Haa is famously known for its Yak meat, butter and cheese produce.

Places of interest:

  • Lhakhang Karpo and Nagpo(The Black Temple and the White Temple) are amongst the oldest temples in the country built in the seventh century.
  • Gyecchu Lhakhang is the seat of Ap Chhundu, the powerful guardian deity who is believed to watch over and safeguard the entire Haa region.
  • Haa Gonpamarks a sacred event thats conspired in Haa. Legends have it that the temple is built on the site where a man met a bodhisitva (an enlightened being) who had taken a form of a pigeon.
  • Dumchung Dzong and Wangchucklo Dzong are the two small Dzong located on the mountain symbolizing Chenrezi. The two Dzongs along with the three mountains are believed to ensure peace and harmony in the region.