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MongarMongar referred to as Zhongar in olden times is the entry point to Eastern Bhutan which may seem like another world – more rural, less traveled. Mongar town is a calm town despite being one of the busier towns in eastern Bhutan. People from neighboring districts frequents Mongar as one of the largest national referral hospitals is located here and also for trading purposes.Located at an altitude of 1620 m the district enjoys a temperate climate. Mongar is also famous for Bamboo Products and Tengma (beaten roasted maize).

Places of interest:

  • Mongar Dzongis relatively one of the newer Dzongs in the country. It was built following the traditional architectural patternin 1953.
  • Zhongar Dzong located in lingmithang region of Mongar was the old Dzong of Mongar. Today, one can see the ruins of the Dzongs perched on a hill en-route to Mongar.
  • Drametse Monastery or Lhakhangis considered as one of the most sacred of monasteries in Bhutan. It was founded by Ani Choten Zangmo in the 16th century on a ridge where she meditated. The famous Drametse Ngachamm or the masked dance unique to Dramitse performed during the annual festival draws in huge crowds.
  • Thrumshingla National Park covers an estimated area of 905 sq kms harboring a wide range of vegetation, species of Birds and animals in Bhutan.