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Driving DistancePhuntsholing which falls under Chukha Dzongkhag is the second largest town in the country. The industrial town is an important commercial hub with majority of the commercial transaction being routed through this place. It is one of the three road entry points to Bhutan.

Places of interest:

  • The Kharbandi Goenpa is a monastery located on a hill overlooking the busy town of Phuntsholing. It was built in 1967 by the Late Royal Grandmother, Mayum Ashi Phuntsho Choden.
  • The Zangdopelri temple is centrally located within the confine of a mini park of Phuntsholing town. It is a busy place with people either circumambulating the monastery or simply relaxing in the park benches.
  • Jaigaon, the indian town adjoining Phuntsholingis a shopping haven for the entire Bhutanese populace. One can catch a bargain on a wide range of goods from grocery items, clothes, utensils, handicraft items, hardware items et al.
  • Crocodile zoo behind the Norgay Cinema hall in Phuntsholing was established in 1976. The mini zoo is one of its kind in Bhutan and houses two crocodile species, Mugger and Gharial crocodile.