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Tashi Yangtsi

Tashi YangtsiTashi Yangtsi is one of the newer districts in Bhutan and is located at the eastern most part of Bhutan. The dzongkhag at an alleviation of 1830 m borders Arunchal pradesh to the East and China to the North. It is famous for Daapas – wooden bowls and containers, and as the winter roosting ground of the Black-necked Cranes. The valley is often compared to the valley in Thimphu but without the urban sprawl.

Places of interest:

  • The Tashi Yangtsi Dzong is one of the newer Dzongs in the country built only after Tashi Yangtsi was separated from Tashigang as a separate district. Construction work started in the late 1990s.
  • Chorten Kora was constructed in 1740 by Lama Ngawang Loday and is said to resemble the famous Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu Nepal. Legend has it that the design was copied from Boudhanath Stupa on a radish. The radish is said to have dried up and shrunk a little by the time it reached Tashi Yangtsi. The smaller size of Chorten Kora in comparison to its Nepalese counterpart is attributed to this.
  • Chag-zam (iron bridge)is one of the 108 iron bridges built by Drubthob Thangthong Gyalpo the iron chain builder in the 15th It is considered as one of the mechanical marvels of Bhutan and today, one can visit the remains of this famous iron bridge.
  • Gomkora monastery, wasbuilt next to the rock on which,according to legend, an evil dragon was crushed by Guru Rinpoche. One can get a glimpse of the supposed impressions of the dragon’s body on the rock. Legend has it that a Tshebum or a vase containing the elixir of life is also hidden inside the monastery.
  • Gomkora tshechu is held annually at Gomkora Monastery is also dubbed as the love festival due to the courtship ritual that happens during the festival. The festival is attended by large numbers of people coming from all parts of the country and as far as India too. As the religious festival held during the day comes to an end, a courtship ritual starts. Here, as the women circumambulate around the monastery during the night, they are joined in by young men who try to woo them.
  • The National Institute of Zorig Chusumin Tashi Yangtsiis the second institute that teaches the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. Tourists can visit the place and get a glimpse of the student working on their arts and crafts or visit the showroom where the works of the students are put on display.
  • The Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary is winter roosting grounds for the endangered black necked cranes. The sanctuary also provides a safe haven for tigers, red pandas and leopards amongst other wildlife forms.