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TrongsaTrongsa is significant place from where the unification of Bhutan was initiated. It was one of the power strongholds from where the first King of Bhutan rose to power. At present, the crown prince has to hold the post of Trongsa Penlop (governor) before he can sit on the iron throne. One can get a glimpse of the black mountain range, the second mountain range after the Himalayas in Bhutan.

Places of interest:

  • Trongsa Dzong was built by Minjur Tenpa in 1644 and was a power stronghold before Bhutan was unified as a nation. The Dzong has rich historical significance as unification works of Bhutan as a nation started from this place.
  • Ta Dzong or the watch tower overlooks the Dzong and its effectiveness in spotting advancing enemy troops shaped Bhutan’s history.
  • Chendebji Chorten was built in the 18th century over remains of an evil spirit by Lam Sidha, a Tibetan lama. It is located next to Wangdue-Trongsa highway on the banks of Nikkar Chhu.
  • Pelela Pass is the 4th highest road pass in the country and marks the entry into central Bhutan. The mountains near the pass makes for an ideal place for hoisting prayer flags.
  • View point to the Dzong:45 minutes prior to reaching Trongsa is the view point that provides a perfect view of the Trongsa Dzong. One can opt to take a short hike to the Dzong or simply enjoy the view and get some refreshments at the view point cafeteria before continuing the journey.