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Welcome to Bhutan

Welcome to BhutanKuzu Zangpo or Welcome to Knight Adventure Tours – YOUR TRAVEL PARTNER TO BHUTAN.

Of late, instances of raised eyebrows on the mention of Bhutan have decreased. Today, Bhutan is considered as one of the exotic tourist destinations in Asia. The journey, from a land less known and enshrouded in mystery to that of a premium travel choice, has been phenomenal for a country that opened up to the world only in 1960.

Staying true to its culture and tradition has done the trick for Bhutan, a country that still lacks infrastructure or economic might. Adoption of the unique development philosophy of Gross National Happiness which places importance of personal wellbeing over material gains has been another promoting factor that cements Bhutan as one of the happiest of nations in the world.

Bhutan Tourism has rightly adopted the tagline “Happiness is a Place”. However, one has to travel to Bhutan for a chance to experience happiness the Bhutanese way.

If Bhutan has caught your attention and you plan on visiting or making a trip into Bhutan, you are on the right path —a path to discovering Bhutan in the best possible way with Knight Adventure Tours as your trusted tour operator in Bhutan.

With Knight Adventure Tours as your escort you are bound to have absolute fun and enjoy every minute of your stay in Bhutan – the perfect ingredient in making your trip truly a once in a lifetime experience.

There is only rule or mantra while CRUISINGg into Bhutan – get your walking shoes ready as tour of Bhutan involves great deal of walking and travel with an open mind as Bhutan will surprise you in several ways.

“Those who seek happiness in pleasure, wealth, glory, power and heroics are as naïve as the child who tries to catch a rainbow and wear it as a coat”— (Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche).