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Why Bhutan?

Why Bhutan ?Be part of an adventure, a learning experience…

If you are fed up with the unforgiving demands of the maddening city crowd, the sound and the fury of the wheels and machines —venture into a redeeming trek up the mountains or indulge in the rich culture and Tradition of Bhutan. Bhutan is blessed with various aspects that will stimulate all the senses of even the most discerning traveler.

Bhutan abides by its tourism policy of ‘high value, low volume’ and every guests have to come through tour agents such as Knight Adventure Tours. This policy has enabled tour agents like us to provide best travel experience to our guests without having to compete for tourism infrastructure in the country or make compromises on the services. Our services clubbed with what Bhutan has on offer makes Bhutan, the destination to have on your ultimate travel destination list. Most of our guests leave Bhutan having gone through an exhilarating experience and in most cases having found values and ideas which were otherwise lost from their own existence.

The last himalayan buddhist kingdom of Bhutan simply will surprise you in more than one way.